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Akron Community Foundation’s investment performance consistently ranks in the top quarter among community foundations nationwide.

Stock information in newspaperSince implementing our written investment policy statement in 1989, the community foundation has produced favorable long-term returns for our fundholders. This is largely thanks to our policy of preserving capital, promoting long-term growth and minimizing undue risk of our charitable assets. 

Our 10-year average annual net return as of Dec. 31, 2019, is 7.2 percent.

The community foundation measures its investment performance against the Policy Index, a benchmark created to mirror the portfolio's targeted asset mix. This benchmark allows us to more accurately measure the performance of individual components prescribed in the foundation’s written investment policy statement and compare the effects of asset allocation changes. 

The following are our most recent investment results. The dashboards are formatted as PDFs and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Third quarter FY 2020
Second quarter FY 2020
First quarter FY 2020
Fourth quarter FY 2019
Third quarter FY 2019 
Second quarter FY 2019
First quarter FY 2019
Fourth quarter FY 2018
Third quarter FY 2018

For more information about the community foundation’s investment performance or your statement, contact Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Steve Schloenbach.