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In addition to our four traditional grant cycles, Akron Community Foundation offers other specialized funding opportunities for area nonprofit organizations. These grant cycles enable nonprofits to secure funding for capital improvement projects, addiction prevention and recovery programs, emergency needs and more.

Our board also awards proactive grants that benefit the community above and beyond our competitive grant cycles, allowing the foundation to collaborate with targeted nonprofit partners to tackle key issues facing our community. These funding priorities are determined through community needs assessments and special initiatives like On the Table Greater Akron.

Grants & Initiatives

Proactive Grants

Since 2019, Akron Community Foundation has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in proactive grants to move the needle on important issues such as housing, mental health, public safety, diversity and inclusion, the aging senior population, and addiction.

Learn more about our Proactive Grants.

Community Response Fund for Nonprofits

Akron Community Foundation established the Community Response Fund for Nonprofits during the COVID-19 pandemic to address emergency needs throughout Summit County. These community needs have since expanded to encompass the crisis of systemic racism.

Learn more about our Community Response Fund.

Capital Grants

Akron Community Foundation offers grants every other year to nonprofits that need funding to renovate or repair their buildings or property, or to purchase equipment essential to the organization's ability to deliver quality programming to its clients.

Learn more about our Capital Grants.

Summit County Opioid Healing Fund

In partnership with the County of Summit, Akron Community Foundation awards grants to programs that help our community respond, rebuild and recover from the opioid epidemic. Grants support education, prevention and treatment programs, as well as peer-support services and community-based recovery events.

Learn more about our Summit County Opioid Healing Fund.

On the Table Greater Akron

On the Table Greater Akron is a community-wide initiative where thousands of diverse residents from all walks of life gather to discuss meaningful ideas to strengthen our community. It's an opportunity to make our region a strong, vibrant, safe and dynamic place to live and work.

Learn more about On the Table Greater Akron.

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