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Philanthropy binds families together and challenges them to think bigger than themselves.

In 2018, Akron Community Foundation created The Center for Family Philanthropy to help families build a legacy of giving that can be passed to the next generation and beyond.

The Center for Family Philanthropy features state-of-the-art, multigenerational philanthropic services, including education, community needs assessments, and grantmaking expertise. Our professional staff works closely with families to learn their values and create a plan that will amplify their generosity and ensure their family’s legacy.

What We Offer

Wherever you are on your charitable journey, The Center for Family Philanthropy can be a valuable resource. The families we serve have access to:

grantmaking assistance

Personalized grantmaking assistance, including lists of fully vetted nonprofit programs in your areas of interest.

family meetings

Professionally facilitated family meetings to discuss your family's charitable giving plans and values.

Giving plans

Strategic charitable giving plans customized to meet your family's needs and goals.

Much more

A wide variety of other philanthropic services, with our staff being as involved or behind-the-scenes as you wish them to be. Choose only the services you need, and bring your legal or financial advisor if you’d like. There’s room around the table for everyone.

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