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Named for the man who created the community foundation with a bequest in his will, the Edwin C. Shaw Society celebrates those who have named Akron Community Foundation in a planned gift, such as a bequest, charitable gift annuity or life insurance policy.

Your membership in the Edwin C. Shaw Society comes with no cost, obligations or solicitations. Instead, it offers you several key benefits:

  • By notifying the community foundation of your charitable plans during your lifetime, we can be certain that the funds will be used according to your wishes.
  • Your planned gift can be recognized both now and later, or it can remain anonymous if you prefer.
  • Membership includes invitations to special events and the opportunity to meet other like-minded givers.

It’s simple to join. Just contact Margaret Medzie and note that you have named the foundation in a planned gift.

Edwin C. Shaw Society Members

Anonymous (20)

Virginia Addicott

Lou Albertson

Ronald C.* & Ann G. Allan

Allard Family*

Dr. Suzanne T. Allen

Mal & Sue Ames*

Rennick & Dee* Andreoli

Howard Atwood*

Drs. Sandy & Mark Auburn

Betty R. Axline*

Mark & Carol Bachmann

Jody Bacon*

Bruce & Sandy Bailey

Paul J. Belair

Kenneth Blower*

Robert & Lynda Bonchack

Charles L. Bond*

Charles E. & Mary K. Booth*

Kathryn Booth

Martha Booth

Margaret Boothby*

Philip C. Bradley

Charles E. Briggs*

Robert W. Briggs

Harry Bubb*

Marilyn Meyers Buckey

Glenn C. Burkholder*

Tracy Carter

Shon M. Christy

Marie & Harry Covington

John & Betty Dalton*

Paul A. Daum*

Sylvia R. Davis

Wilfred R. Davis*

Mary DiDonato*

Dorathea S. Dilley*

Harry* & Fran Donovan

Pearl Augusta Drews*

Stephanie Duke*

Arthur R. Dutt*

Kimberly Haws Falasco

Elsie B. & John L. Feudner Jr.*

Georgia Ruth Fink*

Ruth S. Flannery*

Jeffrey & Hillary Folb

Robert Fredenburg

John Charles Frentz*

Edward Gaffney*

Naomi Ganoe

Harold E. Garberich*

Jennifer Gaylor

Ernest Robert Genovese*

Clarence T. Gilham*

Patricia A. Hansel

Marjorie Hartz*

Louise Kuhns Harvey

Sandra K. Hausfeld*

Karl* & Ellen Hay

Kryn Henderhahn

William P. Hickman*

Jean & Willard Holland

Karen Hrdlicka & Jeffrey Jones

Rodney J. Humphrey*

Doris N. Hunker

Laura Hunsicker

Kathryn M. Hunter*

Frances M. James*

Eric J. Jones

Arthur Kelly*

Pamela J. Kiltau

Lloyd & Joanne* Knudsen

Barbara Latchic*

Peter* & Dorothy Lepp

Dr. Harry Leuchtag

Norbert Lewandowski

Dr. Joseph S. Lichty*

Eleanor Lindway

Vera E. Lonsbury*

William J. Manby Jr.

Geneva A. Meadows*

Margaret Medzie

Donald Meloy*

Robert A. Meyers*

Nancy McKelvie Miller*

Dr. Susan A. Miller

Thomas & Angelina Milo

Barbara & Marilyn Minney

Rita M. Murray*

David & Sandra Nedoh

Drs. George R. Newkome & Mary Jane Saunders

Jean Nilges*

William J. O'Neil*

Ian & Marta Oppenheim

Sally Flannery Orrok*

Jane D. Palmer*

Sandy Parker

Mrs. George T. Parry

James M. & Sonya T.* Parry

Jerome & Rebecca Susan Pecko

Cindy & John T. Petures Jr.

Barbara Ainsworth Porter*

Judy* & Roger Read

David & Joann Robb

Sue Sahli*

Peter Schofield*

Dorothy Jean & Arthur Schooley

Edwin & Barbara Schrank*

Richard & Mary Sebastian*

Margaret Fisher Seeley*

Rev. Dr. Sandra Selby

Terry & Mary Shaffer

Walter Sheppe*

Richard B. Siess

Bernard L. Simmons*

Cynthia L. Slezak

Cecil & Rosalie Smith*

Sandra & Richey* Smith

Dorothea & Carl Snyder*

Christopher & Tracy Soulsby

Joan K. Spalding*

Charles Steitz*

Jean P. Stevens*

Jay & Marilyn Stitz

Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer

Deborah L. Strobel

Christopher P. Sullivan

Kenneth F. Swanson*

Alvin V. Tinker*

Joan L. Tomkins

Bret & Diane Treier

Sylvia & Marc Trundle

Gale & Linda Urda

David & Cheryl Venarge

Mary Knight Wetsel*

John Wilkinson*

Doug & Leona Wilson

Robert & Judy Wilson

Kimberly M. Winter

Melvin G. Wisnieski

Jerry Wolf

Katie Horn Woodcock

Richard B. Wright*

Henry Young Jr.*

Betty Zekan*


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