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Your Partner in Philanthropy

For more than 65 years, Akron Community Foundation has worked hand-in-hand with the region's professional advisors to help their clients achieve their goals through philanthropy.

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Professional Advisor Council

This diverse group of tax, estate and financial planning experts brings perspective to our work. From CPAs to attorneys to wealth managers, the members of our Professional Advisor Council are adept at using philanthropy to strategically meet their clients' financial and charitable goals.

Young Professional Advisor Council

Jared Hoffman, Broadleaf Partners
Andrew Lamb, W3 Wealth Management
Taylor Papiernik, Fairway Wealth Management
Kaleigh Talaganis, Critchfield, Critchfield & Johnston

How We Help

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Are your clients selling a business? Managing an inheritance? Building an estate plan?

Our experienced staff works with advisors to create giving strategies that are meaningful, tax-wise and effective for clients from all walks of life. We are the charitable arm of your professional team, supporting you and your clients through every step of the giving process while you retain complete control of your client relationships.

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What We Offer

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  • Customized, tax-smart giving solutions to meet your clients' needs
  • Ability to accept a wide range of gifts, including more complex gifts like closely held stock
  • In-depth knowledge of the region's issues and nonprofits
  • Charitable fund options that offer tax benefits today while preserving your clients' legacies forever
  • The Center for Family Philanthropy, a dedicated charitable resource for philanthropic families

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How We Compare

Donor-Advised Funds & Private Foundations: A Comparison - comparison chart

Private Foundations

If your client is considering establishing a private foundation, a donor-advised fund may be a simpler, less expensive solution. Donor-advised funds offer many of the same benefits as a private foundation, but with none of the administrative hassles or payout requirements. We minimize the paperwork, allowing your client to focus on the joy of giving and creating a lasting legacy in the community.

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Commercial Funds

Starting a donor-advised fund at Akron Community Foundation is just as easy as starting a fund at Vanguard or Fidelity. And unlike the large national organizations, the community foundation is based right in the heart of Akron. We're experts on local issues and nonprofits, and we offer personal grantmaking assistance that commercial funds cannot match. We also offer a broader range of charitable options, including permanent endowments that honor a family's legacy.

Outside Investment Managers

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We recognize the importance of longstanding relationships between clients and their investment managers. That's why we offer opportunities for qualified investment managers to continue to manage the charitable assets of their clients.

This partnership reassures donors that their assets will continue to be managed by professionals they know and trust, while also rewarding advisors for maximizing the fund's grantmaking potential.

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Options for Your Nonprofit Clients

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We help nonprofits sustain their charitable missions forever through endowment funds held right here at Akron Community Foundation. The advantages include:

  • Permanent Funding: A permanent source of funding for the agency's mission that is not dependent on market performance or annual appeals
  • Proven Growth: Access to the foundation's prorated investment fees and superior long-term returns
  • More Giving Options: The ability to accept complex gifts that can be difficult for nonprofits to process
  • No Administration: No burdens of gift processing, tax acknowledgments or financial reporting

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