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Promote Your Grant

When you receive a grant from a fund at Akron Community Foundation, you'll want to promote it to your supporters. Here are some tools and tips to get you started.

Encourage giving via social media

If your organization already has social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, create posts about your grant and post them occasionally on your page. We recommend posts such as:


We just received a grant from the [Insert Name of Fund] at Akron Community Foundation for our [Insert Program Name]. We’re excited to use this funding to [Insert Mission Here].


We just received a grant from@AkronCF for our [insert program name]. We’ll be using the funding to [insert mission here].

Distribute a press release

Get information about your grant out to the public by sending a press release to local and trade media outlets. Download our sample grantee press release to get started.

To get more out of your release, check out our press release tips.

Send a letter or eblast

We recommend sending a letter or email (whichever you use more often) to all of your constituents letting them know about the grant. You can use content from the sample press release for the body of the letter or email.

Promote it in your newsletters/enewsletters

Make sure to feature the grant in your newsletters and enewsletters. You can also use the content from the press release to draft this.

Highlight the grant in your annual report

Include an overview of the grant in your annual report every year.