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Competitive Grants 

Akron Community Foundation’s competitive grantmaking combines local resources with community knowledge to help nonprofits improve life in Summit County.

plant being wateredWe merge and mobilize the charitable dollars of thousands of people.

There’s something powerful about community charity. When channeled, the gifts of thousands of residents can actively meet the most pressing needs of the community, whatever those needs are today, and whatever they may be tomorrow. By offering a competitive grant-making process, we are able to glean valuable knowledge about our community and its ever-changing needs.

We identify the most capable and efficient nonprofit programs in town.

This insight helps us target funding where it will make the most impact, and where our donors’ charitable gifts will go the furthest.

Our Community Fund grants are invested broadly throughout the nonprofit community to help improve all facets of life, from early education and basic needs to civic affairs and the arts. Community Fund grants do more than simply meet residents’ immediate needs; they address the root cause of a problem to create lasting and systemic change for future generations.

We also help charitable residents with a common cause navigate and meaningfully support the nonprofit community.

These issue-specific grant opportunities range from women’s and children’s causes to diversity programs. Each was begun by a concerned group of citizens with a common goal, and each uses its own committee-driven grant process to support the mission of its founders.