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We understand applying for a grant can be a stressful process, so we do our best to make it as seamless and simple as possible.

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Ready to apply for a grant? Log in to or register for our online application system.

If you need assistance using the online application, view our video tutorial or read our manual.

We’ve compiled step-by-step instructions to help you prepare for the grant application process and give you insight into what we look for when we evaluate a proposal.  

Here's how to get started: 

1. Determine your best funding opportunities

Between our Community Fund grants and our issue-specific grants, there are many options when it comes to competitive funding. We want to help you apply for the most relevant cycle, so if your organization has not received a grant from us in the past or you have a new program you’re seeking funding for, tell us about your program. We’ll give you feedback on your proposal and direct you to the right grant cycles.

2. Know when grant cycles are open

We accept applications online a month in advance of each grant deadline. To see specific dates for when you should apply online, visit our Community Fund grants page and our issue-specific grants pages.

3. Register your account

Once you’ve determined which grant cycles are the best match for your program and have reviewed the application dates, you’re ready to get started using our online application system. It only takes about five minutes to register if you are an approved 501(c)(3) organization. During the registration process, you will be asked to complete a series of questions about you and your organization. Be sure to have your EIN and executive officer's contact information on hand. 

If you’re looking for information about the online system, view our tutorials in the callout to the right or check out our online application system page for frequently asked questions.

4. Prepare your application materials

Whether you want to work directly in the online system, or you prefer to gather all of your information first, be sure to review the application questions ahead of time. We also offer these additional tips on applying for our grants to help you focus on the most important information. If you're using a fiscal sponsor, please review the additional information we'll need from you.

5. Apply

Now that your materials are prepared, you’re ready to submit your application. If you’ve been working offline, log in to the system and follow the steps to apply. Once a grant cycle has closed, you will receive an email in six to eight weeks notifying you of our decision.

6. Watch for an email from Akron Community Foundation

In six to eight weeks, you will receive an email from administrator@grantinterface.com. Please add that address to your safe sender list or address book so you can find out immediately whether your grant was approved. 

If your grant was approved, you should log in to our online system to complete and submit your signed agreement. Once you have done that, the system will allow you to request your grant check. You have up to two years to make the request from the time the grant was awarded, but you may not apply for a new grant from the same fund until a year has passed.

If your grant was declined, you are welcome to apply again at any time.

7. Tell us about your progress 

Once you have used your grant funding from Akron Community Foundation, use our online system to share the results of your program. This is an easy, convenient way to submit your required progress reports without the stress of paperwork. 

To learn more about applying for a grant, contact John Garofalo, vice president of community investment, or Cristina González Alcalá, community investment officer.