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We're expanding!

In mid-May, Akron Community Foundation broke ground on a $1.65 million building expansion and remodeling project at its  345 W. Cedar St. headquarters. 

"We've been planning this expansion for quite some time," said John T. Petures Jr., president and CEO of the foundation. "Akron Community Foundation has grown significantly, with staff doubling since the last expansion of the building in the early 2000s, and we simply didn't fit in the space anymore. This renovation will allow the foundation to continue its growth for the next decade and beyond." 

The expanded and upgraded building will feature a 2,500-square-foot addition that includes more private offices and workspaces, as well as new meeting rooms and community spaces. In addition, the building will feature a physical home for The Center for Family Philanthropy that includes offices for center staff and a meeting space for the families using this charitable resource center.

The foundation will fulfill the project's investment without taking on any debt or diminishing any of its board discretionary grantmaking.

The first phase of the project will be completed around the end of October, with some staff moving into new office space at that time. The entire project is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2020.

Akron Community Foundation is open during construction but may close intermittently as needed. Community meetings that are typically held at the community foundation have been asked to move to a different location until the building expansion and renovation is complete. 

Guests should park in the back of the building and enter through the west entrance.

Updates will be available on our homepage.

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Updated entrance to Akron Community Foundation

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Entrance to The Center for Family Philanthropy

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Lobby of The Center for Family Philanthropy

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Family meeting space in the new center

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Workspaces in 2,500 sq. ft. addition

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Updated Charles E. and Mary K. Booth Conference Room

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Updated kitchen/meeting space