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Engaging donors by demonstrating commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion


A study released by reinforces that charities' commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is important to donors. And as you are evaluating your planned giving strategies for your organization's long-term health, make sure that your messaging around DEI is accurate and compelling. The diversity of our communities will continue to grow, and forward-thinking philanthropists will want to be confident that your organization is poised to effectively serve future generations.

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Of particular relevance to planned giving efforts are the following findings from the study:

  • Donors will stop giving if a charity's culture is unsupportive of diversity. Of the donors surveyed, 41 percent indicated that they would stop supporting a charity if they discovered that the organization's culture discriminates against the people it serves.
  • "Culturally insensitive images and language" are also red flags for donors, and 34 percent of those surveyed said they would cut off support if they saw evidence of an organization's insensitivity.
  • Board composition is important, too. Of the donors surveyed, 17 percent said they would no longer support the organization if its board is not diverse.

Planned giving program also can prioritize diversity and DEI programs.

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