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Circle of Empowerment

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In 2018, the Women's Endowment Fund created the Circle of Empowerment to maintain continued sustainability of the fund and increase its grantmaking impact each year. The Circle of Empowerment is a special group of donors who support the Women's Endowment Fund with an annual leadership gift of $1,000 or more. In 2022, the fund introduced a four-tier model for the Circle of Empowerment: Empower - $10,000, Uplift - $5,000, Inspire - $2,500, and Support - $1,000.

Donors to our Circle of Empowerment receive:

  • Special recognition at our events, including being listed in all event programs
  • Advance First-to-Know communication about the fund's latest news
  • An invitation to our annual Circle of Empowerment gathering
  • Opportunities to get involved with the fund's various committees
  • The knowledge that their gifts uplift women in our community now and forever

To learn more about the Circle of Empowerment, please contact Deb Hoffman.

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For online gifts, please select "This is a campaign gift" on the giving form. 

Circle of Empowerment Members

Reflects membership secured as of April 22, 2024

Sally & Roger Read
Katie & Mark Smucker

Karen & Glenn Leppo
Sherry & Chuck Neubert
Cheryl Venarge*
Laurie Zuckerman*

Marcia Adair*
Virginia Addicott
Ann Amer Brennan^*
Emily Browning
Paula Christ
Marie Covington*
Pamela Kiltau
Monica Vinay

Barb & Mike Abbott
Drs. Sandy & Mark Auburn
Sandra & Bruce Bailey
Holly Harris Bane
Elizabeth Bartz
Nancy Baxter
Sarah Watts Beneke
Beth Boggins
Susan Boggs
Wendy & Mike Bolas
Judge Jane Bond, ret.*
Kathryn Booth*
Diane Bray
Judge Alison Breaux
Candice Jones Carlyon
Theresa Carter
Donna Cerdas-Delgado
Judith Clapsaddle
Kittie Clarke*
Regina & Robert Cooper
Laura Culp
Robyn Cutler
Anita Davis, Esq.
Laura DiCola

Linda Diefendorff
Kathryn (Kitty) Dindo*
Jennifer DiSalvo
Constance Dubick
Dr. Cynthia Ederer
Betsy Engels
Kimberly Haws Falasco
Lashawrida Fellows
Jerilynn Ferguson*
Joni Fitch
Susan Flowers
Nicole & Alan Gaffney
Naomi Ganoe
Ruthie George
Toby Gorant
Barb Greene 
CJ Haines
Louise Kuhns Harvey*
Laura Hnat
Ramona Hood
Kim Huff
Margaret Watts Hunter
Rachel Hurst
Mary Ann Jackson*
Gizelle Jones
Lisa King
Susan Kinnamon*
Jill Kolesar
Lori & Mark Krohn
Carla Kun
Quinnie Lane
Pamela R. Leeson
Karen Lefton*
Margaret Lloyd
Dr. Leia' Love
Rita Kelly Madick
Jeannine Marks
Jackie McDermott
Margaret Medzie
Dianne Newman*

Judy Nicely
Susan Novak*
Judge Joy Malek Oldfield
Dr. Ann K. Otto
Susan Pallini*
Erin Palmer
Jill Penrose
Cindy & John T. Petures Jr.
Melodie Phillips, M.D.*
Kendra Philon
Angie Remen
Kathy Ress
Alita & Rick Rogers
Renee Lucas Scherick
Ruth Benson Scott
Rev. Dr. Sandra Selby 
Cathy Shew
Debra Shifrin
Darlene Shuler
Sandra Smith
Dr. Kathy Stafford
Arielle Steffen
Alice & George Strickler
Valerie Butler Stutler
V. Rena Suber
Judge Jennifer D. Towell
Sylvia Trundle
Pam Valentine
Marcy Venarge
Dr. Vivian von Gruenigen
Jessica Walsh
Barb Whiddon
Bernett L. Williams
Christine Williams
Sonya Williams
Lorna Wisham
Bonnie Lass Wojno
Becky Guzy Woodford
Christine Yuhasz

Empower tier donor of $10,000+ annually

Uplift tier donor of $5,000+ annually

Inspire tier donor of $2,500+ annually

*Founding donor


Memorial Gifts: June 23 - Sept. 30, 2023

Betty Bordner by
Kimberly Haws Falasco
Ilene Shapiro

Ann Amer Brennan by
Drs. Mark & Sandy Auburn
Louise Kuhns Harvey
Amy Shapiro

Honorary Gifts: June 23 - Sept. 30, 2023

Dr. Sandy Auburn by
Angelina Milo, CPA

Theresa Carter by
Barb Greene

Marie Covington by
Jackie & Greg McDermott
Angelina Milo, CPA

Louise Kuhns Harvey by 
Angelina Milo, CPA 

Carrie Herman by 
Angelina Milo, CPA 

Ilene Shapiro by
Angelina Milo, CPA

All Donors: June 23 - Sept. 30, 2023

Barbara A. Abbott
Drs. Mark & Sandy Auburn
Bruce & Sandy Bailey
Holly Harris Bane
Alison Breaux
Tracy Carter
Kittie B. Clarke
Marie Covington
Anita Davis
Laura A. DiCola
Constance Dubick
Elizabeth Engels
Kimberly Haws Falasco
FedEx Custom Critical
Lashawrida Fellows

Joni Fitch
Susan Flowers
Barb Greene
Carol Haines
Louise Kuhns Harvey
Kim Huff
Rachel Hurst
Gizelle Jones
Pamela Kiltau
Jill Kolesar
Leia Love
Rita Kelly Madick
Greg & Jackie McDermott
Hope & Chuck McGonigle
Angelina Milo, CPA
Ann Otto

Antha Poleondakis
June Refine
Kathy Ress
Lydia Rose
Renee & Matthew Scherick
Amy Shapiro
Ilene Shapiro
Debra Shifrin
Valerie Stutler
Vicky J. Urbano
Jessica Walsh
Barbara Whiddon
Sonya Y. Williams
Mary Ellen Wynn

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