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HPSEF Scholarship Recipients 

For the 2019-20 academic year, the Hudson Public Schools Endowment Fund Scholarships awarded $182,661 to 93 local students.

Students on stage accepting scholarship awards
Hudson students accepting their scholarships.

Marion Albee Scholarship Fund

Matthew Morris, Miami University

Barlow Fund

Jonathan Joseph Alexander, Kent State University

Amanda Bellish, The Ohio State University

Olivia Bernardo, The Ohio State University

Michael Caniglia, Kent State University

Michael Carey, The Ohio State University

Zack Carson, North Carolina State University

Mary Castrigano, The University of Notre Dame

Shane Allen Chilcott, University of Pittsburgh

Gabriella Church, Bowling Green State University

Alex Clampffer, Case Western Reserve University

Becky Cook, The Ohio State University

Kori Crookston, The Ohio State University

Sarah Cypcar, Kent State University

Sam Diener, University of Cincinnati

Caitlin Dyer, Loyola University

Gabriella Elliott, University of Tampa

Siyi Fan, The Ohio State University

Caroline Funk, Miami University

Serina Gogusoglu, Miami University

Jacob Gray, Purdue University

Amy Grecol, Kent State University

Steven Greer, The Ohio State University

Jonathan Gregory, Cedarville University

Madeline Hannan, The University of Cincinnati

Blake Hartline, The Ohio State University

Hannah Haywood, The Ohio State University

Courtney Heller, John Carroll University

Anna Herchl, West Virginia University

Allison Hess, The Ohio State University

Jack Jesionek, The Ohio State University

Andrew Johnston, Kent State University

Yuhan Kim, Yale University

Claire Kim, The Ohio State University

Lilly Knox, The Ohio State University

Lauren Kossler, Texas Christian University

Matthew Layton, The Ohio State University

Dylan Manley, University of Alabama

Matthew Matolka, Villanova University

Patrick McKeon, The Ohio State University

Alyson McVan, Miami University

Allie Mehelic, Miami University

Emma Messina, Loyola University

Brielle Moreno, Cleveland State University

John Morgan, University of Virginia

Matthew Morris, Miami University

Katherine Mulligan, Kent State University

Nathan Mullins, Virginia Tech

Helena Norman, Wheaton College

Katherine North, Loyola University

Jenna Poleykett, American University

Teagan Poleykett, George Washington University

Alexander Reichart, University of Wisconsin

Kaitlyn Robbins, The Ohio State University

Katherine Roegner, Princeton University

Kelly Ross, The Ohio State University

Samuel Ross, Miami University

Stephen Russell, Ohio University

Lindsay Sadler, University of Cincinnati

Madeline Sage, University of Michigan

Ethan Samangy, College of Wooster

Katherine Saxer, The Ohio State University

Jacob Seiple, Hiram College

Avery Silverman, University of Florida

Eric Takacs, Kent State University

Emma Teson, The Ohio State University

Katherine Travis, University of Richmond

Hadya Truesdail, Penn State University

Nina Venkatesh, The University of Virginia

John Lee Wang, University of Illinois Urbana

Julianna Wheatley, Bowling Green State University

Abigail Wickerham, University of Dayton

Lesli Wilch, The Ohio State University

Wending Wu, Dartmouth College

Isabel Wu, Harvard University

Helen Barlow Fine Arts Scholarship

Jenna Lund, Savannah College of Art & Design

Kenneth Blower Memorial Scholarship Fund

Anna Herchl, West Virginia University

Harry D. Bubb Scholarship Fund

Jonathan Gregory, Cedarville University

Arthur Caniglia Scholarship Fund

Michael Caniglia, Kent State University

Scott Case Memorial Fund

Siyi Fan, The Ohio State University

Alex Joslyn, University of Cincinnati

Les Dingledine Memorial Scholarship Fund

Camile Madar, University of Cincinnati

Rosemary Gibbes Memorial Scholarship Fund

Courtney Heller, John Carroll University

Hudson Bicentennial Scholarship Fund

Gabriella Elliott, University of Tampa

Hudson Fire Department Association Scholarship Fund

Jonathan Joseph Alexander, Kent State University

Raymond Marshall Hyser Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Merrick Widdoes, Kent State University

Audrey Susz, The Ohio State University

Pauline Klupinski Memorial Scholarship Fund

Matthew Aguiar, The University of Akron

Dante B. and Joy W. Lavelli Athletic Academic Scholarship Fund

Michael Caniglia, Kent State University

Burton D. Morgan Foundation Scholarship Fund

Vincent Lee Lyon, University of Cincinnati

June Young Pak Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mary Castrigano, University of Notre Dame

Kendall Paltani, Ohio University

Stevenson Award Fund

Ayano Nakamura, New England Conservatory