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Food Pantry Capacity Fund

Akron Community Foundation is committed to helping local pantries provide their clients with fresh, healthy food.

Two men working at a food pantry
Photo by Joe Levack

Healthy is neither cheap nor easy

One major challenge local food pantries face is receiving and storing fresh, healthy food. In 2009, Akron Community Foundation joined forces with the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank to improve pantries’ infrastructure so they could handle and distribute quality food to their clients.

We can do more by working together

As the fundraising arm in the partnership, Akron Community Foundation raised more than $180,000 from companies, foundations and donor-advised funds to fuel the effort. The food bank then applied its keen knowledge of food distribution and pantry needs to select grant recipients from among its more than 200 partner agencies. Initial funding totaled more than $70,000 at a time when the community most needed it. The following agencies and funds have contributed to the Food Pantry Capacity Fund:

"Sometimes we get as much as 2,000 pounds of meat at a time, and it really pays to have enough freezer space."

- Dick Young
Volunteer manager
Good Neighbors

Grants are helping local pantries do more to help their clients.

The following agencies are better able to provide fresh, healthy food thanks to new refrigeration equipment and appliances:

The following agencies are able to distribute more food and reduce wait times thanks to increased storage space and larger appliances:

The following agencies are able to save money on logistics and more easily transport donated food:

The following agencies are able to serve additional hungry children through backpack programs: