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Community Response Fund for Nonprofits

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With an initial $100,000,  Akron Community Foundation has established the Community Response Fund for Nonprofits to help address emergency needs that arise in Summit and Medina counties related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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About the Community Response Fund for Nonprofits

Akron Community Foundation's Community Response Fund for Nonprofits will rapidly provide flexible resources to area nonprofit organizations that are working on the frontlines of educating, engaging, and supporting individuals impacted by COVID-19 and the broader ramifications of this health crisis.

While the Community Response Fund for Nonprofits is not able to provide grants to individuals, it is funding community-based organizations that have the experience and history of providing services and support to our citizens.

The fund will distribute grants to nonprofit organizations that provide for basic needs, such as food, medical assistance and shelter, as well as provide emergency operating support to agencies that cover education, arts & culture, civic, and health & human services programs.

We are urging local businesses, other funders and the general public to consider donating to the fund at www.akroncf.org/CommunityResponseFund.

Information about our Community Response Fund for Nonprofits grantmaking process and how to apply for a grant is available at www.akroncf.org/CommunityResponseFund/Grants

For more information about the Community Response Fund for Nonprofits, contact John Garofalo at jgarofalo@akroncf.org.