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Promote Your Fund

When you start an Agency Endowment Fund with Akron Community Foundation, one of the first things you'll want to do is promote and grow it. Here are some tools and tips to help you get started:

Share your unique giving URL

When you start a fund with us, we provide you with an easy-to-remember, custom URL that will take your supporters directly to a page that is pre-populated with your fund's name and data. This way it will be quick and easy for people to give to your fund via computer or smartphone. Post the URL on your website and in social media. Include it in your print and electronic newsletters. Share it with your board members. If you're a current agency endowment fundholder and do not know your custom URL, please feel free to contact our Marketing & Communications Department.

Announce the fund on your website

Create a page or callout/sidebar on your current website with information about the fund and how to donate. Recommended content for your page/callout:

We recently started a [insert $ amount] agency endowment fund at Akron Community Foundation [link to www.akroncf.org] as a way to ensure a permanent, predictable stream of funding for our mission. The [Endowment Fund Name] welcomes gifts of all kinds, including cash, bequests, closely held stock, real estate, life insurance and retirement assets. Gifts can be made online at [link to your custom URL] or by calling 330-376-8522.

Encourage giving via social media

If your organization already has social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, create posts about your fund and ways to donate, and post them occasionally on your page. We recommend posts such as:


We just started an endowment fund at Akron Community Foundation to ensure that we have permanent, consistent funding to do good work in our community forever. Help us continue our mission of [insert mission here] by donating to [insert fund name here] at: [insert custom URL]. 


Donate to our new fund at @AkronCF so we can continue to [insert mission here] forever: [insert custom URL].

Distribute a press release

Your endowment fund proves to the community that you are committed to fiscal solvency so you can carry out your mission forever. Get this message out to the public by sending a press release to local and trade media outlets. Download our sample agency endowment fund press release to get started. 

To get more out of your release, check out our press release tips.

Send a letter or eblast

Soon after establishing your fund, we recommend sending a letter or email (whichever you use more often) to all of your constituents letting them know about the fund. You can use content from the sample press release for the body of the letter or email.

Promote it in your newsletters and enewsletters

Make sure to feature the fund in your newsletters and enewsletters. You can also use the content from the press release to draft this.

Highlight the fund in your annual report

Include an overview of the new fund in your annual report every year.

Post your events on our Around Akron Calendar

Are you hosting a fundraising event? Don’t forget to promote it on our Around Akron Calendar. Not only will our website visitors see it, but it may also make its way into our social media posts and publications.