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Community Fund Grant Application Questions

Applying for a Community Fund grant is easy with our online application system. 

Applications are open 30 days prior to each deadline and include the questions listed below. If you wish to start completing your application prior to the open date, or if you prefer to keep a paper document for your records, feel free to copy, paste and answer the questions in a text document prior to inputting them into the system when it opens.

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See our Community Fund grant deadlines and guiding principles. Or, register with our online grant application system and learn about its features.

Organization Information

Organization's mission

Character limit: 500

Organization's budgeted expenses for the current year

Fiscal year end for budgeted numbers above

Endowment size (if applicable)

Organization's major funding sources

Please include any government, foundations, individual and United Way support by percentage.
Character limit: 250

Evidence of organization's overall effectiveness

Character limit: 500

Proposal Summary

Project name and amount requested

Project description

Please provide a one-paragraph summary of your program/project. This area may be seen by other potential funders, so please include the most important aspects of your request.

Character limit: 500

Fiscal sponsor name and letter of support, if applicable


Type of Request


If Other, please specify

Character limit: 20

Total budget for this program/project

Please use organizational budget if this is a request for operating funds.

Total number of people to be served under this program/project

Anticipated program/project start date

Grant distributions are generally made 6-8 weeks after the proposal due date.

Anticipated program/project end date

Funds must be expended within two years of grant award.

Brief demographic description of population served by this program/project

Character limit: 100

Describe how your project is different from or similar to existing projects at other organizations

Character limit: 800

Describe how your organization will partner with other agencies and/or community collaborations

Character limit: 800

Community Need

What is the challenge or need that will be addressed and how will the
community benefit?

Character Limit: 500

What is the research, local statistics or evidence that shows this need or benefit exists?

Character Limit: 800

How is your organization positioned to address this need or benefit?

Examples: staff skills, location, etc.
Character Limit: 500

Goals, Outcomes and Evaluation

Brief description of goals and objectives for program/project

Character Limit: 800

Specific, anticipated outcomes of program/project

If a grant is received, you will be required to report your progress toward these outcomes.
Character Limit: 800

How will outcomes be measured, over what time frame, and who will measure them?

Character Limit: 800

Evidence of use of best practices

For example, is this program/project based on a program that has been shown to be effective in other settings? Is it based on national standards?
Character Limit: 500

Funding Plans

List of other funders to whom this proposal has been and will be submitted

For each funder, please specify status of request, amount and date received.
Character Limit: 800

If this will be an ongoing program/project, describe plans for continued funding

Character Limit: 500

Required Attachments

Organizational budget

Please attach your current organizational budget summarized on one page.
File Size Limit: 3 MB

Program/project budget

Please include all revenue sources and expense line items and differentiate between cash and in-kind support. (If this is a request for operating support, please attach the prior year organizational budget instead of a program/project budget.)
File Size Limit: 3 MB

List of key staff and board members

Please attach a list of key staff, board members with affiliations, and officers summarized on one page.
File Size Limit: 3 MB

Financial audit

Please attach the first page of your last financial audit, if applicable.
File Size Limit: 3 MB

Fiscal Sponsor Letter of Support

If applicable, please upload your fiscal sponsor's letter of support.
File Size Limit: 2 MB


This is not an application. If you wish to apply, or for more information, contact Cristina González Alcalá, community investment officer. Applications open 30 days prior to the deadline.