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Giving Your Way

Welcome to Akron Community Foundation! We’re here to help you give efficiently, effectively and meaningfully to your favorite causes and charities.

We think you’ll find us unlike any other nonprofit you’ve ever met. Why? Because our business is helping you give. You choose the cause or the nonprofit. We make sure your charitable gifts reach your targets, whatever they are. Need some creativity, advice and inspiration? We can provide that, too.

Philanthropy for the Business Savvy

We offer a smart way to give for people and companies who are serious about their charitable giving.

Like the nation’s more than 750 other community foundations, Akron Community Foundation offers a variety of structured charitable funds for charitable organizations, families and individuals to use during and after their lifetime.

Since 1955, residents and organizations of Greater Akron have established nearly 500 charitable funds at the community foundation. This includes a record-breaking $12 million agency endowment fund established by IBH Foundation and a $5 million corporate-advised fund established by Medical Mutual of Ohio.

But most of the charitable funds were established by devoted community members like Rennick and Dee Andreoli, whose love of children and our natural surroundings has compelled them to help campers with special needs.

Services you can expect

You can support activities right here in Greater Akron, or any approved nonprofit in the nation. You can have a fund to be charitable during your lifetime, or you can continue your charitable legacy forever through an endowment fund, from which even your great-great grandchildren can make grants. It truly is giving your way.

Akron Community Foundation can make your charitable giving not only more straightforward but also more inspiring for you. Our services include:

  • Six types of charitable funds, all of which are tax smart. From well-known donor-advised funds to our popular scholarship funds, each one is tailored to meet your particular goals and circumstances.
  • Estate planning options to maximize your future charitable gifts, provide you with income for today using non-performing assets, and limit your tax exposure
  • Access to the region’s best nonprofit resources in nearly every discipline, from education and the arts to homelessness and the environment
  • Advice from our staff – but only when you want it
  • 24/7 online charitable fund access with virtually no paperwork to complete
  • Invitations to join other area philanthropists for social and educational programs

You can involve your advisor

We are happy to work closely with your legal or financial advisors in setting up your charitable fund at Akron Community Foundation. In some cases, they can even continue to manage the assets.

You pay nothing

And did we mention that you don’t pay for any of these services out of your pocket? As a mission-based nonprofit, Akron Community Foundation assesses only a small fee on the money you donate and the interest it earns, and only after you have received the full tax deduction for your charitable gift.

Remember, we’re just a call or email away

Websites are wonderful tools, but Akron Community Foundation emphasizes personal contact. If you want to explore starting a fund, contact Margaret Medzie, vice president of development and donor engagement.