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Akron Community Foundation has proudly – and gratefully – worked hand-in-hand with the region’s professional advisors to help their charitably inclined clients meet their goals. We add a charitable planning component to your menu of services, which uniquely positions you to serve our community's most philanthropic residents.

We hope you will find the following tools helpful when talking to your clients about their many options for charitable giving.

2016-2017 Tax & Charitable Reference Guide

Download the 2016-2017 Tax & Charitable Reference Guide for a quick reference to current information on individual tax brackets, retirement plans, estate taxes and more.

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Download our Charitable Options for Advisor/Client Relationships brochure to learn more about charitable options for your client and the resources Akron Community Foundation has available to you.

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Download our Guide to Donor-Advised Funds to learn how the fastest-growing charitable vehicle in the United States might work for your clients. 

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  As you know, charitable giving through a will or trust is a simple way anyone can give back after they're gone. But by creating an endowed charitable fund through their will, your client's legacy can live on forever. Learn more in Leave Your Mark, a guide to charitable bequests.

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Online Tools


Using our endowment calculator, you can give clients an idea of what they can accomplish with their fund over the years.

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Review GiftLaw Pro, our charitable giving and tax reference for all 50 states, updated quarterly for the latest in gift planning. 

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Deduction calculators

Planned giving resources

In addition to the bequest guide above, we have a variety of other tools for planned giving. Here are a few you might find especially helpful:

Sample fund statements and agreements

Donor- and corporate-advised fund resources

Trying to determine if a donor-advised fund is the right option for your client? In addition to reading our Guide to Donor-Advised Funds, you can check out some of our other informative resources like our gift acceptance policy and a sample agreement: