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Nonprofit Spotlight: Forget-Me-Not Baskets


Losing a baby can devastate an entire family. Local nonprofit Forget-Me-Not Baskets provides items of grief support, comfort and remembrance to families who have experienced a loss during pregnancy or childbirth, working directly with hospitals and obstetric offices to provide baskets for those facing this loss. "We know that we cannot change the outcome for these families, but our mission is to change their experience by acknowledging their loss and providing them with grief support," said Sara Ringle, founder and president of Forget-Me-Not Baskets.

Three masked people pose in a hospital hallway next to stuffed elephants as part of the Forget-Me-Not Baskets program.

The baskets are tailored for different family members, from parents and grandparents to siblings. And each item in the basket has a distinct purpose, whether it's grief support, comfort or remembrance. Since 2007, the nonprofit has delivered more than 11,000 bereavement baskets to area hospitals. Forget-Me-Not reported delivering more than 250 baskets in one recent month alone.

ACF grant funding has helped the organization establish relationships with Summa Akron Hospital, Akron Children's Palliative Care, Akron Maternal Fetal Medicine and Cleveland Clinic Akron General. And some of these local hospitals have begun to offer more financial support for Forget-Me-Not Baskets as a result.

While the organization doesn't know who receives the baskets due to privacy laws, families still show their appreciation. "Oftentimes we will have families stop in our office, mail us letters or send us emails sharing the impact of our baskets. Every time we hear from a family, it inspires us to continue," Ringle added. "We also have volunteers in our office on a weekly basis. Seeing others come together to help us carry out our mission is extremely humbling and motivating."

A basket of items like a stuffed elephant is displayed on a table.

There are several ways to help the organization. "Unfortunately, pregnancy loss support is an ongoing need, and we cannot do this alone," said Ringle. "The best way Akron community members and donors can support us and their community is by sponsoring baskets for hospitals, in their community." 

To support Forget-Me-Not Baskets or get more information, visit or call the office at 330-435-6004.

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