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Business owners demonstrate love for Bath

The Kroskey Family: Mom, dad, and baby girl

Two years ago, when Kevin Kroskey bought a home and an office building in Bath Township, it wasn't just a business decision. It was a matter of the heart.

"Bath had always spoken to us," said Kevin of himself and his wife, Brandy. "There is a resounding sense of community pride and hope for the future that resides here."

The same holds true for Caroline Gronowski, a Merriman Valley native who, with her husband, Mark, relocated from Chicago 16 years ago. "When we had kids, I wanted to move back," she explained. "Mark loved the open spaces, and it has been the best place to raise three active kids while pursuing our individual dreams."

Caroline, who owns Yoga Bliss, and Kevin, owner of True Wealth Design, are two of several business owners showing their support for the Bath community as Founding Donors to Bath Community Fund, putting them at the heart of a movement to preserve the community's history, charm and resources forever.

The fund began last year after a group of residents pooled their collective thoughts and resources.

"There had been discussions about creating a community fund in Bath for years, and a group of us started researching what it would take," said Nadine Clar, founding donor, Bath Community Fund board member and Bath Homeowners Association president.

The decision to start the fund was influenced by a number of factors, including statewide changes in inheritance tax regulations. These changes eliminated a revenue stream – which sometimes totaled hundreds of thousands of dollars annually – that had historically been used to benefit the community, whether through the purchase of safety equipment or retiring bonds early. By establishing an endowment fund, the founders were able to create a consistent, permanent source of support for Bath.

The fund's premise happens to also be a philosophy Caroline and Yoga Bliss both espouse.

"We can achieve more together than alone," she said. "If we want our community to be great, a place where we can all thrive and reach our potential, we have to make sure that people aren't being overlooked. It is also our responsibility to care for our beautiful natural resources."

For Kevin, his reason for giving is even closer to home. "What does Bath Community Fund mean to us? It means our daughter will grow up seeing her mom and dad as people who love their community and who make continual efforts to improve it," he said. He encourages others to do the same. "If you call Bath Township home and have benefited from this wonderful community, I encourage you to do your part."

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