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200 Years – 200 Women Campaign

Goal: $250,000   |   Given: $68,086.16

The 200 Years – 200 Women Campaign commemorates Bath Township's bicentennial by honoring women who have made a positive impact in the community. Gifts will enrich the Bath community for current and future generations – a fitting tribute to a wife, mother, grandmother or friend who has made a lasting difference in your own life. To learn more about this historic campaign, please contact Deb Hoffman.

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For online gifts, please select "This is a campaign gift" on the giving form. You may also choose to set up a payment plan by selecting "Contact me about recurring billing." A member of our finance team will reach out to you to set up your payments.

Donors of $1,000+

Lynne Abramovich | Mapp Consulting – Stuffwithalogo
In memory of Roberta Rohrich

Akron Community Foundation
In honor of Jody Konstand

In honor of Becky Corbett
In honor of Bonnie Estep

James R. Bernard
In honor of my Virginia wife,
Barbara Jane

Rosanne Trentacoste Burns
In memory of Claire Trentacoste

Lynne Dowling

Marc Dusini
In honor of Marie Dusini

Marie Dusini
In memory of my granddaughter,
Amanda Converse

Jennifer Elzemeyer
In memory of Melinda Remington

Nancy Fay
In honor of all the strong women in
our family

Patricia Fulton Fitch
In honor of all the strong women in
our family

Rev. Mark Frey
In honor of Marguerite Frey

Friends of the Regal Beagle

Daniel Gentile
In honor of Anne H. Gentile

Elaina Goodrich
In honor of Eva Morales
In honor of Wendy Morales
In honor of Carina Van Vliet-Goodrich
In memory of Jennie Hartman

Jen Hardin
In honor of Sojourner Truth and her
speech in the Akron area in 1851

Sue Hartschuh
In honor of Edna Hartschuh
In memory of Bunny Gotshall

Mark Hemminger
In honor of Amanda Hemminger
In honor of Kim Hemminger
In honor of Rose Hemminger

James & Claudia Hower

Maureen Katanic

Jody Konstand
In memory of Judy Read

Mary Anne Krejci
In honor of all the strong women in
our family

Meg Lamb
In honor of The Ladies of The Bath Church
Care Ministries

Lori Macso

Deborah L. McKinney
In honor of Dana Elizabeth McKinney
In honor of Megan Kathleen McKinney-Wise

Robert Merzweiler
In honor of Vicki Merzweiler
In memory of Ruth Merzweiler

Millican Family Fund of
Akron Community Foundation
In honor of Kitty Butler

Carol Miller Morison
In memory of Elizabeth Grosh

Cheryl Nilsen
In honor of Ricci Stavole 

Jim Nilsen
In honor of Cheryl Nilsen

Jim & Cheryl Nilsen
In memory of Mary Nilsen
In memory of Millie Robertson
In honor of Melissa Nilsen
In honor of Celia Bentrott

Susan & Tony Paparella
In honor of Debbie Laferty

Dr. Nancy L. Ray
In honor of Becky Corbett
In honor of Bonnie Estep
In honor of Ellen Otto

Roger Read
In honor of Jody Miller Konstand

Tom Reed & Jan Schutte-Reed
In memory of Carolyn Reed Hodge
In memory of Joan Reed
In memory of Cecilia Schutte

Laurie Morgan Schrank
In honor of Joan Morgan

Kathy Sidaway
In honor of my daughter,
Sara Sidaway Helbig

Scott Siddall
In honor of Kathy Siddall
In honor of Meghan Siddall
In memory of Cathryn Siddall
In memory of Victoria Wallace

Alice & George E. Strickler III
In honor of Lauren Strickler John
In honor of Amanda Curtis Strickler
In honor of Jessie Blank Strickler
In honor of Wendy Li Strickler

Libby Upton
In honor of Emily Jimerson

The Women of Bath Gamma Garden Club

Additional Donors

Jeff Andrew
In honor of Melanie Andrew

Robyn Cutler

Mark Gerberich
In honor of Beth Gerberich

Dr. Janet L. Griffin
In memory of Virginia E. Wilson

Robert Hemphill, M.D.
In memory of Emily "Jane" Hemphill
In memory of Mary E. Hemphill

Mimi J. Lewellen
In memory of Margot Jackson

Jennifer F. Sharp
In honor of our moms

Special Thanks

Theresa Myers
For printing services

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