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Estate Planning Tools

Tools, calculators, gift plans and more

A calculator.Most of your clients come to you for your expertise in protecting and extending their assets throughout their lifetime, and then ensuring that what remains at death is distributed according to their wishes.

With planned giving, your clients can:

  • Make tax-deductible gifts that earn annual income
  • Make gifts that protect certain valuable assets
  • Ensure the best asset, tax-wise, goes to their friends and family members
  • Guarantee their charitable wishes are carried out

Options for Your Nonprofit Clients

Charitable organizations throughout Greater Akron are increasingly using Akron Community Foundation to steward their permanent endowments.

The advantages are many:

  • The fund enjoys the community foundation’s more advantageous prorated investment fees
  • The nonprofit can rely on a consistent stream of income despite continued market volatility
  • The community foundation can estimate the fund's annual payout so the nonprofit can accurately budget
  • The community foundation's long-term investment policy protects the permanence of the fund
  • Gifts to the endowment are above board, and the organization can even adopt language that prevents succeeding boards from invading the fund’s principal for anything other than emergency needs
  • The fund can attract donors who prefer giving through the community foundation rather than contributing directly to the organization
  • The nonprofit spreads awareness of its mission through the community foundation's website and other publications

See for yourself how an endowment works. Or, contact Margaret Medzie, vice president and chief development officer, or Laura Fink, director of development and professional advisor relations, for more information about how an agency endowment fund can benefit your nonprofit clients.