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From the Board Chair: The 2023 Grant Cycle

Joyce Fuerst
Joyce Fuerst, MCWEF Board Chair

As spring approaches, our advisory board is eagerly anticipating the 2023 grant application season. We find it extremely rewarding to be given the opportunity to learn about the incredible nonprofit organizations within Medina County. Through their diverse and passionate programs, they identify new directions and opportunities to empower individuals to improve the lives of women and children in Medina County. This is the epitome of the fund's mission.

Previous grant recipients have targeted areas including art therapy; educational programs; career development; children’s physical, mental and speech development; emergency utility assistance; food assistance; and numerous prevention programs. The many nonprofit agencies represented at our recent grant information session exposed us to new opportunities for development and enrichment focused on the women and children of Medina County. MCWEF is strongly encouraged by this response! Please share our grant application information with Medina County organizations that meet our mission.

Since 1998, when three exceptional Medina County women had the initiative to create an endowment specifically focused on Medina County women's and children’s needs, we have awarded nearly $270,000 in grants to local nonprofit programs. The MCWEF Advisory Board is committed to its continued support of these and future areas of need. Stay tuned for this year's grant announcements in June 2023!

The board gratefully acknowledges every individual and organization who has encouraged, supported and assisted MCWEF in our efforts to enrich the lives of women and children in Medina County. We welcome inquiries into how to get involved with the fund and make a positive impact throughout our county. Please contact Affiliate Fund Engagement Manger Deb Hoffman to learn more about how you can help us make a difference!

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