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MCWEF Board Chair reflects on the past, looks forward to the future

A headshot of Candace Harmon
Candace Harmon,
Advisory Board Chair

In 2023, women have the opportunity to make a powerful impact in our community through philanthropy. We have the knowledge, resources and determination to improve the lives of women and children, and thereby our entire community. 

Since 1998, when three exceptional Medina County women (Jane Lang, Katie Horn and Gwen Rivers) took the initiative to create an endowment specifically focused on the needs of Medina County's women and children, the Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund has worked to achieve that impact. Thanks to your generosity, the fund has disbursed almost $285,000 in grants since its founding.  

We have been able to support organizations with a wide range of focus areas, including children’s literacy, mental health, physical health and personal development. Going forward, we are committed to continuously supporting these causes, along with future areas of need.  

Our volunteer board would like to acknowledge every individual and organization that has encouraged the fund in our efforts to continue enriching the lives of women and children in Medina County. We welcome inquiries from those who want to get involved with the Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund through committee work, serving on the advisory board, or financial support. It is through your involvement that we can continue to make a positive impact throughout our county!

Please contact the fund by emailing Affiliate Fund Engagement Manager Debra Hoffman to help us continue to make a difference!

With gratitude,
Candace Harmon
Advisory Board Chair

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