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Love INC transforms Medina County houses into homes

Two men and a woman load wooden chairs into the bed of a black pick-up truck

In 2021, the Medina County Community Fund awarded a $3,000 grant to Love INC. of Medina County. The grant was used to purchase furniture for 23 different families from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Medina. In total, the organization served 32 adults and 17 children. Through their client intake process, Love INC verifies the need and then establishes a dollar amount for a voucher to be used at the ReStore for furniture and home essential items. In addition, Love INC provides volunteers and a pickup truck to transport the items to the client's residence.


The most important outcome is being able to provide furniture and home essential items to men, women and children that would otherwise have little in their homes and apartments. It is an amazing experience to be able to provide a voucher to those in need and watch them pick out items of their own choice from the ReStore. It is a great facility and there is always a large selection of beautiful items. We serve women coming out of the Hope & Healing Recovery Center program and domestic abuse, homeless individuals moving into their first apartment, and those simply unable to afford furniture and household items. Another important outcome is that there is great value in allowing someone to choose items for themselves, instead of simply offering the limited items from our storage unit.


When we applied for this grant, the furniture voucher program was new. This program was so successful that we plan to continue providing vouchers to our clients to the Habitat ReStore. We hope to secure grant funding to continue this worthwhile program. We anticipate providing more details as to how the program works in the future, in order to better demonstrate the need for additional grant funding.

A Success Story

Sue (not her real name) and her husband have been in recovery from addiction for two years. They recently received custody of their two children, after extensive counseling and rehabilitation. They are both working full time, and Sue is working on completing her degree. They were finally able to rent a house, but they did not have the finances to afford furniture or essential kitchen items. Through the Love INC ReStore voucher program, they were able to purchase a sofa, chairs, end tables, and bedroom furniture for their children. They also furnished their kitchen with pots and pans, plates, glasses, silverware, bakeware and kitchen utensils. Sue and her family were truly grateful and thankful for how Love INC helped make their house a home!

This content was provided by Love INC in a progress report to the Medina County Community Fund.

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