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Grant aids child victims of sexual abuse

Examination table and equipment
A grant to the Children's Center of Medina County purchased a much-needed examination table for the agency.

Making an impact on the lives of women and children in our community is a great responsibility. One of our recent grant recipients, the Children's Center of Medina County, works every day to make a difference for child victims of abuse and neglect. 

Former executive director Karen Glass explained, "We often do not think about abuse and neglect of children in our community, but it's a very real problem."

In 2011, there were 457 investigations of child abuse and neglect in Medina County. Research indicates that one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually assaulted by the age of 18.

"People often think these problems happen in other communities, but not here," Glass said. However, "Medina County is not immune to these problems."

The Children's Center applied for a grant to purchase an examination table and TV to be used during medical exams. The center houses a Child Advocacy Center that uses a team concept to process child sexual abuse cases.

The center coordinates the effort by bringing together a team of professionals from the prosecutor's office, law enforcement agencies, mental and medical health care groups, victim assistance and social services agencies, and CCMC staff to create the best possible outcome for child victims of abuse.

Without the Children's Center and its advocacy process, an alleged child victim would likely go through a combined 10 to 12 interviews and examinations instead of a single coordinated interview. 

"Thank you so much for supporting the center," Glass said. "Your support helps ensure that child victims of abuse get the care they need for healing and recovery."

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