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Cavani String Quartet a hit at Claggett

Students watch string quartet playing in library
A grant to ORMACO brought the Cavani String Quartet to students at Claggett Middle School.

The Medina County Women's Endowment Fund was very pleased to award a grant to assist Ohio Regional Music Arts and Cultural Outreach (ORMACO) in bringing the world-renowned Cavani String Quartet to Claggett Middle School.

Students at Claggett Middle School in Medina enjoyed the experience of a lifetime when the Cavani String Quartet came to the school to lead very special workshops for them. The workshops were presented through ORMACO, a nonprofit organization with the mission of making music, arts and culture accessible to all with a focus on rural communities and communities of color.

Not only is the Cavani String Quartet a world-class ensemble, but the quartet has established itself as a dynamic leader in the field of arts education. Nationally acclaimed for their innovative teaching and proactive approach, the quartet has developed creative programs for audiences of all ages.

At Claggett Middle School, the Cavani String Quartet first met with 54 orchestra students and immediately drew the group into musical conversation as they talked about and played excerpts from such great masters as Beethoven, Bartok and Dvorak. These budding musicians were totally absorbed by the music and the performance of the dynamic quartet. 

The quartet then met with 15 students of the Union Square nonprofit program "Let's Make a Difference," which focuses on working with underprivileged youth to introduce them to activities and events in which they might not normally participate. The students in this session were unfamiliar with the music presented, but as soon as the musicians put their bows to the strings, every one of them was drawn into the quartet's musical magic. It was thrilling to see the reactions and sense the emotions that these children were experiencing as they sat and interacted with some of the world's finest musicians playing the timeless works of such great masters.

"This musical and cultural outreach is nourishment for our souls, and for the Medina County Women's Endowment Fund to make this day possible was significant," said Thomas Sigel, ORMACO founder. "We are so thankful to MCWEF and hope that we can continue to collaborate in the future for other programs that will touch the lives of the youth of Medina County."

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