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Neighborhood Partnership Program

Man with a parrot at a neighborhood festival
The Neighborhood Partnership Program funds projects that improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, including family-friendly festivals and seasonal celebrations.

Cultivating creativity through collaboration

In 1999, Akron Community Foundation joined forces with the city of Akron to help residents revitalize and reinvent once-vibrant neighborhoods so we can enjoy and celebrate them again.

Offering immediate support, the resulting Neighborhood Partnership Program provides much-needed funds for such community-building efforts as:

  • Safety programs and block watches, including those on North Howard and North Berwin streets in North Hill
  • Vacant lot cleanup and beautification, including South Street Ministries' community garden in South Akron
  • Park and playground improvement, including a YMCA trash can project for Akron-area recreation centers
  • Community festivals, like University Park's Light-UP Lantern Festival and Highland Square's Art in the Square
  • Senior citizen programs, like Akron Urban League's Elegant Evenings
  • Economic development, including an economic development plan for East Akron

Akron Community Foundation's staff works closely with the city’s Department of Planning and Urban Development to identify projects that will not just beautify neighborhoods but also stimulate cooperation between the city of Akron, city residents and local businesses. After more than a decade, the program continues to be a source of inspiration and improvement from Goodyear Heights to West Akron.

For more information about the Neighborhood Partnership Program, contact John Garofalo, vice president of community investment, or Helen Tomic at the Akron Planning and Urban Development Department at 330-375-2770 or HTomic@AkronOhio.gov.

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