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We’re Patrick Weschler and Fred Lombardi, attorneys at Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs. Just as integrity and philanthropy were defining characteristics of Lisle M. Buckingham, they continue to be hallmarks of our firm.

Patrick Weschler and Fred Lombardi 

Our time and resources are often consumed by daily operations, so we partner with Akron Community Foundation to fulfill our corporate philanthropy. The community foundation offers us an easy and efficient way of giving back to our community by combining our resources, growing our investments and administering our grantmaking in a way that’s worthy of the Buckingham name.

Our Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs corporate-advised fund pools gifts from dozens of attorneys, many of whom enjoy giving through the community foundation’s payroll deduction program. From the investment income of those gifts, we recommend worthwhile charities to support with grants in our company’s name.

We also research grants from the Lisle M. Buckingham Fund, which was established by many charitable individuals in his honor. Akron Community Foundation is a helpful, knowledgeable resource that is able to suggest viable community programs that align with the causes dear to our founder’s heart.

The community foundation makes our giving both powerful and easy. They can do the same for you.

At Akron Community Foundation, there are charitable resources for everyone. What can we help you with?

I want to create a corporate giving program at my business.

Our corporate-advised fund option might be the perfect vehicle for establishing your corporation as a philanthropic leader in the community. A form of donor-advised fund, corporate-advised funds can accept a range of tax-wise gifts from your employees, including gifts of stock. Then, you and your partners or employees can choose which 501(c)(3) nonprofits you wish to support with the fund.  You can make grant recommendations by mail, email, phone or via our online fund management tool, DonorCentral. It's quick and it's easy. In fact, many companies see an increase in morale as a direct result of engaging with their corporate-advised fund. Contact Margaret Medzie, vice president and chief development officer, or Laura Fink, director of development and professional advisor relations, to learn more.

I want my company's name to live on forever through our charity.

We can help you make grants forever through what’s called an endowment. Grants from an endowed fund are made in perpetuity in your company's name and are celebrated through our grant announcements, annual reports and news releases, should you wish. Should the cause or organization you support cease to exist, the community foundation’s board and staff will protect your original intent by directing grants in your fund’s name in the same spirit and to a similar, viable cause or charity.

I want to give my employees the option to give via payroll deduction.

We are more than happy to accommodate them. You can distribute our employee donation form and your employees can decide the amount they would like to give out of each paycheck to your corporate-advised fund. Our controller, Dennis Jansky, is happy to tell you more and can work directly with your payroll company to begin deductions once you start your fund.

I want my company's financial advisor to continue managing my fund's assets.

You've come to the right place. If your company starts a corporate-advised fund with an initial gift of $250,000 or more, you can suggest your current financial advisor manage the assets of your fund, as long as he or she is in accordance with our official outside manager policy.

My company wants insight into the local nonprofit community so we can make informed charitable decisions.

Corporate- and donor-advised fund representatives can take advantage of our strong connection with the region’s nonprofits. We can take you or your employees on a personal tour of the organizations you are interested in supporting and introduce you to the people behind the scenes. Our community investment staff can also keep you up to date about pressing needs in the community in your area of interest, be it anything from health care to education. Perhaps you have employees and branches in other geographic regions. We can work together with one of the nation's nearly 800 community foundations to help you target your giving. It's an ideal way to give back to the communities and people your business serves.

I am considering starting (or closing) a private foundation.

We offer an easy-to-read chart comparing the differences between a private foundation and a corporate- or donor-advised fund. As always, one of our staff members is available to talk to you, your foundation administrator, or your advisor to discuss which option would be most advantageous for your organization.

I want to start a scholarship in my company's name.

Community foundations are among the nation’s largest holders of scholarship funds. Akron Community Foundation is no exception, with nearly 77 scholarship funds that cultivate a multitude of talents and fields of study. The minimum amount you need to start a scholarship fund is $25,000, and there are many different ways to finance your fund.