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Permanent Funding

While competitive grants may be crucial to your organization’s operations, they are likely your least reliable source of revenue.

a plant being wateredAn agency endowment fund can generate a predictable stream of income for your mission while the rest of your investment grows in perpetuity – so you can do good forever.

Why start an agency endowment fund at Akron Community Foundation?

We offer predictability

An endowment fund generates a permanent, predictable stream of income for your mission while the rest of your investment grows in perpetuity - so you can do good forever. See how our endowments grow in size and impact.

We protect your money

Gifts to your fund are above board. Your fund agreement offers the flexibility to meet immediate needs, yet ensures assets are always there to meet your long-term mission. The community foundation protects them from being spent for any other purpose.

We invest your funds prudently

Our investment strategy aims for superior long-term returns with minimal risk. Our average annualized 10-year net return is 7.2% and our assets are $239 million. We take our responsibility of preserving the endowment for future generations seriously, and our Finance and Investment Committee is committed to maintaining a diverse, balanced portfolio managed by trusted advisors. Learn more about how assets are invested.

We offer expanded giving options

Akron Community Foundation can accept gifts to your fund of privately held stock, mutual funds, real estate and charitable gift annuities, which may be difficult for charities to process. We process gifts quickly and systematically, so you and your donors can capitalize on upswings in the market. See how donors can give now or later.

We make your work easy

Once the community foundation receives a gift to your fund, we process and acknowledge that gift immediately, usually within 24 hours. We reconcile your fund monthly and mail quarterly financial statements to the fund representative of your choice. 

You pay nothing to start your fund

A $5,000 minimum gift is all that is needed to establish a fund, and donors can add to it at any time. The community foundation will deduct an approximately .81% investment management fee and a 1.25% administrative fee quarterly based on your fund's average monthly balance fiscal year to date. This fee covers everything from grant and gift processing to internal audit and Form 990 filing. See what else the fee covers.

We work together

When your endowment fund grows, we all benefit. Our development and donor services staff is ready to offer you creative ideas for growing your fund. They can also meet with your staff and board to help determine how your endowment fund fits into your overall fundraising plan. We also offer you the ability to accept online donations to your fund via a unique, easy-to-remember URL, which you can share on your website, in social media or traditional print and broadcast media. See more tips to promote your fund.

We offer visibility and credibility

Having an endowment fund at the community foundation shows you are a viable, sustainable organization. It also gets your name in front of thousands of community foundation donors and fundholders, both in print publications and on our website. See how the Conservancy for the Cuyahoga Valley National Park benefits.

More than 100 local nonprofits have entrusted their endowment funds to Akron Community Foundation. Start yours today. Or, learn more by contacting Brian Reitz, agency endowment and engagement officer.