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Applying with Fiscal Sponsorship

Akron Community Foundation is happy to accept grant requests from organizations using fiscal sponsors, and we want to help you navigate this segment of our grant process. 

Using a fiscal sponsor means you will need to provide us with some extra information, so we want to make sure you’re prepared before you begin our grant application. If you’re using a fiscal sponsor for your project, please be prepared with the following information when you apply for your grant:

  • Letter of support from the fiscal sponsor that details their agreement with your group. This letter can be uploaded during the portion of the application where you upload other requested materials. The letter should include information about the:
    • Management of the financial relationship. This should include information about how the sponsoring organization will issue funds: as a reimbursement after expenses have occurred or provided in full upfront, etc.
    • Implementation of and involvement in the project. This should include information about how involved the sponsoring organization will be in the program. Will they be supervising, coordinating or assisting in any way? Will they be responsible for signing agreements or progress reports, or will you be permitted to handle these matters?
  • Information about the fiscal sponsor. When we ask for “Organizational Information” in our application, the responses should be about the sponsoring organization, not the program that’s applying. This includes its:
    • Mission
    • Budget
    • Fiscal year
    • Major funding sources
    • Evidence of overall effectiveness
  • When we request a list of key staff and board members, please supply a one-page document that lists:
    • Board members of the fiscal sponsor
    • Key staff contact for the fiscal sponsor
    • Key contacts that will be working on the proposed project

If the grant is approved, the fiscal sponsor will receive the check and will ultimately be the party responsible for reporting on how the funds were used.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact John Garofalo, vice president of community investment, or Cristina González Alcalá, community investment officer.