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Your Stories

Akron Community Foundation has a story to tell. But the story isn’t ours, it’s yours.

A common theme

Akron Community Foundation is a library of personal stories. Their authors? Charitable people just like you who want to help the community in their own personal way, now and forever.

Some are fundholder stories, which feature charitable individuals, families and organizations that find power, ease and fulfillment by giving through Akron Community Foundation. Others are grantee stories about nonprofit agencies that are leveraging generous gifts from our donors and fundholders to improve life for residents all over Summit County. Still others are advisor stories about legal and financial professionals who have expanded their services and strengthened relationships – both with clients and their families – by offering philanthropic services through Akron Community Foundation.

We're always adding pages

New stories are featured prominently in our publications, which are available for you to download. In addition, several of our initiative funds maintain their own newsletters and reports profiling news and stories in their particular field of interest.

Those funds include:
Women’s Endowment Fund
Gay Community Endowment Fund
Medina County Community Fund
Medina County Women’s Endowment Fund
Bath Community Fund
Millennium Fund for Children