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Neighborhood Partnership Program Grants

In 2016, the City of Akron, with support from Akron Community Foundation, awarded matching grants totaling $206,751 to the following 49 projects that help strengthen neighborhoods all over Akron:

A grant to the Akron Urban League is supporting the Elegant Evenings dinner-dance for senior citizens.


  • City Sprouts, for a youth gardening project and healthy living program in Mason Park for children ages 7-12, $7,500
  • East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation, to repurpose a vacant lot at Minson Plaza, $7,500
  • Ellet Women's Club, to maintain hanging flower baskets, and for the Community Sign Project, $5,000
  • Island Community Gardens, for the Island Community Gardens on Kling Street, offering garden plots, a picnic area and a bonfire pit, $1,546
  • JoAnna House II, to support the transformation of empty lots in South Akron into flowered parks, $1,000
  • Let's Grow Akron Inc., to support children’s community gardens in the Summit Lake and Lane Field neighborhoods, and to teach inner-city residents how to prepare healthy meals, $7,500
  • West Hill Neighborhood Organization, for a new community orchard and two sculpture parks at Glendale and South Maple, $3,000, and a community garden and pocket park project, $2,000


  • Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, for ROAM, a refugee adult mentoring program, $5,000
  • Charisma Community Connection, for the annual Fathers Walk event, where fathers attend school with their children, $1,000
  • City of Akron PeaceMakers, for an anti-crime and youth civic program that teaches youth about local government, community organizations and law enforcement, $7,500
  • East Akron YMCA, for scholarships to attend the Neighborhood Leadership Institute of Summit County, a leadership development program, $7,500
  • Fathers and Sons of Northeast Ohio, for urban fatherhood outreach, educating young people about the importance of developing characteristics of manhood and civic responsibility, $2,500
  • West Hill Neighborhood Organization, for monthly block watch meetings, a Harvest Festival and the neighborhood’s Night Out Against Crime event, $2,500
  • Williams Challenge, for the Man2Man Fatherhood Initiative, which helps at-risk men become a positive influence in their children’s lives, $5,000

Festivals and Events

  • Akron African-American Cultural Association, for the 36th annual African-American Cultural Festival at Lock 3, which showcases local performers and highlights community resources by offering free health screenings and employment support, $7,100
  • Akron Community Service Center & Urban League, for Elegant Evenings, a dinner-dance for senior citizens that fosters healthy social interactions between seniors and youth volunteers, $2,000
  • Blessed Trinity Parish, for semimonthly senior dinners at the parish on Tallmadge Avenue to help create a more cohesive senior community in North Hill, $5,000
  • Canal Park Condominium Owners Association, for a community picnic that builds positive relationships among neighbors in this inner-city development, $1,000
  • DeBord's 21st Annual Community Halloween Festival, for a family-friendly community Halloween festival at Hardesty Park, $3,000
  • Firestone Park Citizens Council, for the Firestone Park summer celebration and parade, $5,000
  • Greater Akron Portage Path Event Race Society, for the Portage Path Trail Re-enactment Endurance Race Kickoff, a canoe racing event at the Portage Path trail, $2,500
  • Greater Bethel CDC, for a weekend extravaganza in East Akron, including health screenings and community education, $6,000
  • Heart to Heart Family Support Center, for the National Night Out Against Crime event in the Rosemary/Arlington neighborhood of East Akron, $2,000
  • Hereford/Highland Area Block Watch, for a newsletter and community-building events in the Highland Square neighborhood, $4,000
  • Highland Square Neighborhood Association, for the 2016 Porch Rokr Festival, a one-day music and arts festival that showcases local musicians, vendors and community activities and builds relationships among neighbors in Highland Square, $7,500
  • JoAnna House II, for a Founder's Day celebration in South Akron, $1,500
  • Kenmore Board of Trade, for community, holiday and seasonal events, $5,000
  • Kenmore Community Council Inc., for the 25th Annual Kenmore Community Days Festival, $7,500
  • Mountain of the Lord Fellowship, for the National Night Out Against Crime event in West Akron, $2,000
  • North Hill Community House, for the National Night Out Against Crime event in North Hill, $2,700
  • PathFinders, for the Community Awareness Summer Faire, which provides residents with educational, career and health information, $3,000
  • Residents Improving Goodyear Heights Together (RIGHT), for RIGHT Committee activities and newsletters, $7,500
  • The Salvation Army, for a neighborhood block party in West Hill, $3,000
  • West Akron Community Organization, for the West Akron Community Day Festival and Parade, $5,120


  • Adventure Camp, for a youth engagement program in West Akron that offers educational field trips, $2,850
  • AMHA Joy Park Homes Resident Association, for the R Rules program, a life skills/financial literacy program for youth in Joy Park Homes, $2,050
  • Anne Case Elementary School Parent Teacher Association, to provide after-school programs for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, including special needs children, $2,000
  • College for Kids, to introduce inner-city youth in fourth through sixth grades to career curriculum and professionals from diverse fields, $5,750
  • He Brought Us Out Ministry, for tutoring and the Building Blocks Enrichment Program, which provides after-school and summer activities focusing on education, character and leadership development, $7,500
  • International Soap Box Derby, for a STEM educational summer program in which underserved children ages 9-12 learn to design and build a mini Soap Box Derby car, $7,500
  • Kenmore Historical Society, for Kenmore History coloring books and an interactive history trunk, $1,135
  • Kidstage Peer Workshop Mentorship, to equip young people in South Akron with problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills using theater, $4,000
  • Leggett CLC, for awards, incentives and programs to improve academics and attendance, including new bicycles for perfect attendance, $3,500
  • Ms. Julie’s Kitchen, for an Edible Walk-Thru, offering young people access and education to fresh, healthy, locally grown food, $3,000
  • Project GRAD Akron, to support the sixth annual Expo for Success academic enrichment program, which strengthens connections between home and school, as well as the 12th annual Snacks and Educational Fun with Santa events, $7,500
  • Tutoring Nurtures Talent Inc., to provide free tutoring services in math, reading and computer literacy to students from economically challenged families, $3,000
  • University Park YMCA, for the “Make a Splash” water safety program for minority youth, $3,500
  • Woodland United Methodist Church, for the iStrive Outreach Project, which provides after-school tutoring and enrichment activities for underserved youth in the Zahn Drive neighborhood, $5,000