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Neighborhood Partnership Program Grants

In 2017, the City of Akron, with support from Akron Community Foundation, awarded matching grants totaling $249,250 to the following 61 projects that strengthen neighborhoods all over Akron:


A grant to Highland Square Neighborhood Association will support the 2017 PorchRockr Festival. 
Photo credit: Shane Wynn
  • Aberdeen Street Block Club, to create a community garden in a vacant lot on Aberdeen Street, $2,000
  • Akron Sculptors Cooperative, to design and grow a moss-covered living sculpture on the corner of Glendale Avenue and South Maple Street, $3,750
  • Centenary United Methodist Church, for the creation of a church garden, and for vacant lot improvements, $1,150
  • Ellet Women's Club, to maintain hanging flower baskets, and for the community sign project, $5,000
  • Friends of West Market Street, for artist-inspired pedestrian rest spots along West Market Street between downtown and Highland Square, $5,000
  • Let's Grow Akron Inc., to support children’s community gardens in the Summit Lake and Lane Field neighborhoods, and to teach inner-city residents how to prepare healthy meals, $7,500
  • North Howard Block Watch, to support the beautification of North Hill in the Avon Street and Howard Street block, $700
  • South Street Ministries, for beautification and improvement projects in the South Street area as part of Community 20/20: A Vision for the Future, $6,000
  • West Hill Apiary, for the creation of the West Hill Apiary to house a colony of bees at the West Hill Orchard, $4,000
  • West Hill Neighborhood Organization, for maintenance of three community garden plots, $2,000

  • Community-Building

  • Asian Services in Action Inc., to purchase and repurpose a shipping container into a farm stand on Carroll Street, $7,500
  • Blessed Trinity Parish, for semimonthly senior dinners at the parish on Tallmadge Avenue to help create a more cohesive senior community in North Hill, $5,000
  • Cascade Village, to support monthly Safety Awareness Patrol meetings, $3,750
  • Charisma Community Connection, for the annual Fathers Walk event, where fathers attend school with their children, $1,000
  • City of Akron Peacemakers, for an anti-crime and civic program that teaches youth about local government,community organizations and law enforcement, $7,500
  • East Akron Neighborhood Development Corporation, for Storefront Echoes, a program to create storefronts for a farmers market in an underused parking lot on South Arlington Street, $7,500
  • Fathers and Sons of Northeast Ohio, for urban fatherhood outreach and to educate young people about the importance of civic responsibility, $2,500; for the Greater Holy Trinity Community Outreach Day, $1,000
  • International Institute of Akron Inc., for four public meetings at the Patterson Park Community Center for the "My North Hill" project, $5,000
  • Kenmore Neighborhood Alliance, to support the organization’s newsletter and community-building activities, $5,000
  • Ma'Sue Productions, for TheatreSpeaks, a series of theatrical workshops, $2,500
  • Project 31, for the"Class in Session" program, which provides life skills training for women in the Joy Park area, $2,500
  • Stop the Violence Akron Movement, for The Healing & Wellness Project, which offers pop-up healing shops for victims of crime, $3,000
  • WilliamsChallenge, for the Man2Man Fatherhood Initiative, which helps at-risk men become a positive influence in their children’s lives, $2,750

  • Festivals and Events

  • Akron African American Cultural Association, for the 37th annual African-American Cultural Festival at Lock 3, which showcases local performers and highlights community resources by offering free health screenings and employment support, $7,100
  • Akron Pride, in support of the inaugural Akron Pride Festival at Hardesty Park, $7,500
  • Canal Park Condominium Owners Association, for a community picnic that builds positive relationships among neighbors in this inner-city development, $1,000
  • Community Cares Organization, for the West Akron Community Days Parade and Festival at Hawkins Field, $5,000
  • DeBord's 22nd Community Halloween Festival, for a family-friendly community Halloween festival at Hardesty Park, $3,000
  • Exousia Community Development Corp, to support motorcycle and bicycle safety awareness, $2,500
  • Firestone Park Citizens Council, for the Firestone Park summer celebration and parade, $5,000
  • Greater Bethel CDC, for a weekend extravaganza in East Akron featuring health screenings and community education programs, $3,000
  • Heart to Heart Family Support Center, for the National Night Out Against Crime event in the Rosemary/Arlington area of East Akron, $2,000
  • Hereford/Highland Area Block Watch Inc., for a newsletter and community-building events in the Highland Square neighborhood, $4,000
  • Highland Square Neighborhood Association, for the 2017 PorchRokr Festival, a one-day music and arts festival that showcases local musicians, vendors and community activities while building relationships among neighbors in Highland Square, $7,500
  • Joanna House II, for a Founder's Day celebration in South Akron, $1,500; and for a youth event, $1,000
  • Just Write Inc. Productions, for “Neighborhood Watch,” a series of community movie nights, $3,000
  • Kenmore Board of Trade, for community, holiday and seasonal events, $6,000
  • Kenmore Community Council, for the 26th annual Kenmore Community Days festival, $7,500
  • Middlebury Maker's Park, to promote activities at Middlebury Maker's Park, $3,000
  • Mountain of the Lord Fellowship, for the National Night Out Against Crime event and a violence-free zone rally in North Hill, $2,000
  • North Hill Community House, for the Youth National Night Out Against Crime, $2,700
  • Partners for Theater Inc., for Summit Stage Fest, which hosts outdoor theater productions on multiple stages in Highland Square, $5,000
  • Pathfinders, for the Community Awareness Summer Faire at Lane Field, which provides residents with educational, career and health information, $3,000
  • Residents Improving Goodyear Heights Together (RIGHT), for a newsletter and neighborhood activities, $7,500
  • Touch of Heaven Ministries, for Let's Talk About It, a community Night Out Against Crime event, $2,500
  • Mark A. Ward Community Alliance Group, for the Joy Park Community Festival, a weeklong event that features evening activities for kids and culminates in a picnic festival, $3,000
  • West Hill Neighborhood Organization, for a community outreach program, $2,500

  • Youth

  • Adventure Camp, for a youth engagement program in West Akron that offers educational field trips, $2,850
  • Church of our Savior Episcopal, for the Crosby Street Summer Enrichment Program, $1,500
  • City Sprouts, for the children’s gardening and healthy living program at Mason Park, $7,500
  • Heart to Heart Family Support Center, for Youth Court of East Akron, which hosts a mock jury once a month for kids ages 13-19 during social studies class, $2,000
  • He Brought Us Out Ministry, for the Building Blocks Enrichment Program, which provides after-school and summer activities focused on education, character and leadership development, $7,500
  • International Soap Box Derby, to establish a STEM-based education curriculum for fifth graders in Akron Public Schools, $7,500
  • Kohl Family YMCA at University Park, for the “Make a Splash” water safety program for minority youth, $3,500
  • Leggett CLC, for awards, incentives and programs to improve academics and attendance, including new bicycles for perfect attendance, $3,500
  • Project GRAD Akron, for the Strengthening the Links program, which strengthens connections between home and school, $7,500
  • Safer Communities Youth and Family Initiatives, for a pilot drama workshop at Leggett and Helen Arnold community learning centers, $2,000
  • Urban Vision, for Camp Urban Vision, a summer camp that serves up to 720 children in the North Hill neighborhood, $5,000