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Fees & Expenses

If you’re prepared to establish a long-term and significant commitment to charitable giving, Akron Community Foundation is your best option.

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First, we never charge for meetings or planning. 

Second, fees are assessed only after charitable funds have been established, and then only to the fund itself, after you have received the maximum tax deduction permitted by law.

Third, unlike for-profit financial services organizations, Akron Community Foundation does not profit from our services. Therefore, we are able to offer the most personalized services at a very modest fee schedule.

Fourth, due to the size of our investment pool, we are able to negotiate discounted fees on transactions like stock sales and investment management. They are less than those of an individual investor and are deducted directly from the fund after you receive your charitable deduction for your contribution.

Standard fee schedule

We assess two fees on our funds. The first is a 1.25 percent (125 basis points) administrative fee that helps offset the costs of operating the fund. This fee is based on each fund’s annual market value and covers services such as grantmaking due diligence, annual audit and tax filing, fund accounting, communications and gift management.

The second fee is an annual investment management fee of approximately .81 percent (81 basis points) charged by the community foundation’s various investment managers and independent consultants.

These fees allow us to provide our fundholders with unparalleled service and fund management. Unlike with private foundations, you do not have to worry about administrative details or paperwork; instead, you can focus on growing your fund and making impactful grants in the community. Support from fees also allows the community foundation to respond to community needs and serve as a resource to donors about the nonprofit community. Please note that fees are assessed at the discretion of the community foundation and may change over time.