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Bath Community Fund launches endowment campaign

BATH TWP., Ohio (Dec. 1, 2014) – On Nov. 28, Bath Community Fund leaders revealed a plan to raise $2.018 million in permanent philanthropic capital to enrich Bath Township.  

“Bath Community Fund is your community fund,” Clar said. “It was created for and is dedicated to enriching Bath. During this season of giving, please consider a gift to Bath Community Fund as a way to give back to this community and to celebrate the future ‘For Bath, Forever.’” 

The “For Bath, Forever” campaign was announced at the annual Bath Business Association’s Wye Road Bridge Lighting celebration, where BCF Advisory Board member and BBA President Nadine Clar asked fellow residents to kick off the holiday season with gifts to the fund.

Since September, BCF’s advisory board members have been waging a “quiet education” campaign to attract Founding Donors through small group gatherings and one-on-one meetings. 

“Our goal is to raise $250,000 through the end of this year, with a future goal of raising $2.018 million by Bath’s bicentennial in 2018,” said BCF Advisory Board Chair Jody Miller Konstand. “That immediate goal would make $12,500 available for Bath Community Fund to distribute next year through grants to our community. The $2.018 million goal would enable the fund to grant $100,000 a year to nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations in Bath. It’s pretty awesome, when you think about it.”

Now officially launched to the public, the campaign will combine the gifts of hundreds of charitable residents to create an enduring source of support for the Bath community.

“There are many reasons to donate now, including the chance to become a Founding Donor and take advantage of year-end tax planning,” Konstand said. “But perhaps the best reason is as an investment in the future of Bath, an investment that will live on and benefit the community forever.”

Konstand pointed to one local couple who not only made their own investment in the fund but are challenging their friends and neighbors to do the same. Roger and Judy Read, who lived in Bath Township for 28 years and still have close ties to the community, publicly issued a challenge grant, saying they will increase their $5,000 contribution to $25,000 if another donor matches that gift. 

“We want our money to help build early momentum, and we hope to encourage support from others, as well,” Roger Read said. “We are pleased to be part of something that will be truly significant to Bath.” 

Originally established in June by a small group of local residents, Bath Community Fund is a charitable fund dedicated to enriching Bath Township for generations to come. The fund is an affiliate of Akron Community Foundation, a permanent endowment of approximately $200 million. 

Annual grants to qualified nonprofit organizations will be used to respond to community needs, including preserving the historical and environmental legacy of the township, assisting the less fortunate, and enriching local arts, culture and civic programs.  

Donors who give to the “For Bath, Forever” campaign during the next month will be identified as Founding Donors of the fund, and their names will be printed on a public giving pyramid. 

Bath Community Fund can accept a variety of charitable gifts, from the simple to the complex, including cash, bequests, stock, real estate, life insurance and retirement assets. To learn more about Bath Community Fund and becoming a Founding Donor, contact Jody Miller Konstand, advisory board chair, at 330-618-4477 or jmkmedia@msn.com.

About Bath Community Fund
Established in 2014 by a group of committed Bath residents, Bath Community Fund is a permanent endowment dedicated to strengthening the Bath community for current and future generations by providing leadership, fostering collaboration, and creating a legacy of charitable giving. The fund is committed to responding to community needs, helping the less fortunate, supporting local nonprofits, and reinforcing and preserving Bath’s historical and environmental legacy. The fund is currently seeking founding donors. For more information, contact Jody Miller Konstand, advisory board chair, at 330-618-4477 or jmkmedia@msn.com.

About Akron Community Foundation
Celebrating 59 years of building community philanthropy, Akron Community Foundation embraces and enhances the work of charitable people who make a permanent commitment to the good of the community. In 1955, a $1 million bequest from the estate of Edwin Shaw established the community foundation. Today, it is a philanthropic endowment of more than $185 million with a growing family of more than 450 funds established by charitable people and organizations from all walks of life. The community foundation welcomes gifts of all kinds, including cash, bequests, stock, real estate, life insurance and retirement assets, just to name a few. To date, the community foundation’s funds have awarded more than $116 million in grants to qualified nonprofit organizations. For more information about Akron Community Foundation or to learn more about creating your own charitable fund, call 330-376-8522 or visit www.akroncf.org.