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Case Studies

The following scenarios illustrate how community foundations are uniquely positioned to help companies, charitable people and financial advisors address their charitable needs.

Donor-advised fund simplifies client’s giving after business sale »
Good business owners are known for their ability to capitalize on opportunity. This is especially true when deciding to sell their business. More and more business owners are using what is likely their largest influx of income as the charitable opportunity of a lifetime.

Case Study: Charitable Lead Trust »
The Smiths' estate advisor suggested establishing a charitable trust and designating the community foundation as the vehicle for all of the Smiths’ charitable giving because it provides a simple, powerful way to fulfill their multiple charitable interests.

Case Study: Corporate Giving »
The generosity of Tagline Associates takes many forms: pro bono work; gifts-in-kind; hours of volunteer effort by company associates; and, of course, cash donations. 

Case Study: Family Philanthropy »
Ed Wheeler spent 40 years on the road in sales management. His wife, Claire, after raising three boys in a busy household, worked part time for 19 years. Throughout their married lives, the Wheelers responded generously to community projects; their names can be found on small plaques all over town commemorating gifts for children’s programs and the arts.

Case Study: Retirement Assets for Charity »
Kevin and Mary Goodman care deeply about their family and about education. So, they turned to their professional advisor for guidance in fulfilling their desires to ensure that their children are taken care of and a charitable legacy is left to the community.

Case Study: Year-End Tax Planning »
As John and Evelyn Green began their year-end tax planning, their accountant suggested that they consider increasing their charitable contributions this year. He knows that giving back is an important piece of the Greens’ lives, and it will help reduce taxes in this year of high income.

Case Study: A Story of Partnership »
"Are you happy doing your charitable giving over a 1-800 number?” A rather unconventional question from a financial manager, it was one of the first Dale Koblenzer of Merrill Lynch asked of his client, a local real estate executive.