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Gay Community Endowment Fund Impact Grant Application Questions

Applying for a Gay Community Endowment Fund grant is easy with our online application system. Impact grants start at $10,000. Applications open 30 days prior to the deadline and include the following questions:


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Organization Information

Organization's mission

Character limit: 500

Organization's budgeted expenses for the project year

Fiscal year end for budgeted numbers above

Endowment size (if applicable)

Organization's major funding sources

Please include any government, foundations, individual and endowment support by percentage.
Character limit: 250


Project name and amount requested

Project description

Please provide a one-paragraph summary of your program/project.

Character limit: 700

Fiscal sponsor name, if applicable


Type of Request


If Other, please specify

Character limit: 20

Total budget for this program/project

Please use organizational budget if this is a request for operating funds.

Total number of people to be served under this program/project

Anticipated program/project start date

Grant distributions are generally made 6-8 weeks after the proposal due date.

Anticipated program/project end date

Funds must be expended within two years of grant award.

Brief demographic description of population served by this program/project

Character limit: 100

We believe communication and collaboration is key to success.

Please identify your key partners and briefly describe how you work with them. (If you are doing similar work to another organization in your area of focus, be sure to identify them and indicate how/if you partner and why/why not.)  
Character limit: 800

Community Need

What is the challenge or need that will be addressed and how will the community benefit?

If available, this is where you should share research, statistics or evidence of the need.
Character Limit: 500

How is your organization positioned to address this need or benefit?

For this one, take a moment to really consider what is necessary to adequately address the
need and what your organization has to offer. If you are not positioned to fully address the
need, determine if there are partnerships you can enter into to get greater outcomes for your
Character Limit: 500

Goals, Outcomes and Evaluation

What outcomes will you have achieved in one year if this grant is a success?

Please provide specific, measurable outcomes in a numbered list.
Character Limit: 1,000

What are the objectives you will pursue with these grant funds?

Your objectives should be quantifiable and correspond to your list of outcomes above.
Character Limit: 1,000

Funding Plans

List of other funders to whom this proposal has been and will be submitted

For each funder, please specify status of request, amount and date received.
Character Limit: 800

If this will be an ongoing program/project, describe plans for continued funding

Do you plan to come back to GCEF next year for the same amount? If not, how will you support the project?
Character Limit: 500


Required Attachments

Organizational budget

Please attach your proposed organizational budget summarized on one page.
File Size Limit: 3 MB

Program/project budget

Please include all revenue sources and expense line items and differentiate between cash and in-kind support. (If this is a request for operating support, please attach the prior year organizational budget instead of a program/project budget.)
File Size Limit: 3 MB

List of key staff and board members

Please attach a list of key staff, board members with affiliations, and officers summarized on one page.
File Size Limit: 3 MB

Financial audit

Please attach the first page of your last financial audit, if applicable.
File Size Limit: 3 MB

Anti-discrimination policy

Please attach your organization's official anti-discrimination policy.
File Size Limit: 3 MB

Fiscal sponsor letter of support

If applicable, please upload your fiscal sponsor's letter of support. The letter should describe
how the fiscal sponsor plans to be involved, including management of the funds and level of
project oversight. Learn more about using a fiscal sponsor.
File Size Limit: 2 MB


This is not an application. If you wish to apply, or for more information, contact John Garofalo, vice president of community investment. Applications open 30 days prior to the deadline.